Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another Book Project: Part II

So, in my previous Book Project Post, I'd shown the pictures of the blank book and its interior.

The following pictures are what I've started so far.

The Pen and what it looks like [Copic 0.5]

My Hubristic and Long-winded Explanation for this whole Project

Figuring Out what Info to Include and How

I think This will be the Final Format

And that pretty much sums it up. This is going to be a Year Long Project, easy and I have to admit, I just hope I can stick to it day after day and not give up.

Thanks everyone for your comments, suggestions and words of support in my previous post. It was fun to read :-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Book Project? Somebody STOP Me! (Please?!?)

When I joined Booklikes, my book catalog import was a mess. Covers were missing, titles were non-existent, reviews didn't make the transition. In a nutshell, things were just completely topsy-turvy and all squoogly!

So I set myself goals. My first goal was to successfully add all the missing covers. Check.
My next goal was to go through all my existing reviews and put the title and series in the Title bar so that searching would be easier. Check.
My latest goal was to go through and put in all my missing reviews. Check.

These goals were started in September of '13 [when I joined for real] and I'd finished by mid-February '14. So for the last month I've had no book goal. It has been nice.

However, as Spring is here [officially anyway. You'd never know it by the temperature!] and the sap is flowing in the trees and the Maple Sugar'ers are rejoicing, so too does the sap of "Do a Book Project" begin to flow in me.

If the past year has taught me anything, it is that the Web, the Internet, the Interballz, is a place of great freedom, great danger and great officiousness by hypocritical dooogoooders who are as stupid as the day is long. So why should I trust that my reviews, even backed up as they are at Blogspot and Wordpress, will be safe? My list of books is VERY important to me. My reviews are great, but the actual list is more important to me, especially as I read more and more and can't always remember if I've read a book or not.

Therefore, let it be announced unto the Ends of the Earth, yay verily let the Empire's swiftest runners go forth and proclaim, King Derrick has chosen a New Book Project, one to dwarf all Book Projects that came before. I'm going to write down all the books I've read in a physical journal. And if it takes several journals and a lot of time [I'm expecting at least a year to be honest], then so be it.

And here is what it looks like :

The Cover

The Inside Page

A Full Leaf

And a fullsized hardcover book for size comparison

Friday, March 21, 2014

Frozen (Movie)

Frozen (Two-Disc Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy) - My wife wanted to see this because of all the buzz generated from customers [she works at a large retail store] who had seen it in the theatre. We pre-ordered it from Amazon and it came yesterday and we watched it this evening after work.

I must admit I wasn't expecting too much. Girly sisters being all girly and feely and some guys worked in somehow. With some magic thrown in and the obligatory Disney singing.

However, it met, exceeded and completely overthrew my expectations and made me glad we had bought this. Family, Separation, Fear, Hope, Love and Fun were all there. I was glad that the focus of the movie was NOT on romantic love and that True Love was shown as Sacrificial Love.

But you know what I liked the most? Olaf.

How can you not love a Snowman that wants to drink Hot Chocolate with marshmallows while relaxing in a hot tub?
He definitely made the movie for me.

I am looking forward to watching the all the extras included at a later time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ender's Game (Movie)

Ender's Game (+UltraViolet Digital Copy) [Blu-ray] - First off, I read Ender's Game back in highschool and absolutely loved it. I've re-read it twice since then and each time I enjoyed it. The last time I read it back in '12 it really struck me just how cruel the world was that Ender inhabited.

Second, Card's politics and religious views don't bother me at all. So I wasn't part of the self-righteous crowd screaming for his blood when the movie was announced. I don't agree with everything he advocates, but it doesn't affect my enjoyment of or critical thinking about his books.

The movie is a great companion to the book. It shows just how cruel the world, the other candidates and even DeGraff are. All the action, all the genius and all the "hugeness" of the Formics are in the movie. However, the movie IS shallow and by itself doesn't stand very well. The whole Valentine/Peter political thing was removed and while I understood it, it made the movie just an adventure/scifi movie.

I do plan on buying this on bluray sometime and I would recommend it. BUT. Only after making the person read the book :-)

And there it is. My thoughts on Ender's Game The Movie.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Version, How I Love Thee

I've loved anime and cartoons since I was a single digit'er. I still love it; in fact I just bought myself Seasons 2 & 3 of Yugioh on dvd the other day for my birthday.

While I love it, I also enjoy a good Parody of something I love. So when I came across the following a year or two ago, I've bookmarked it and laughed. So here is Yugioh: The Abridged Version Episode 1.